JP Morgan Gifts $1.5 Million to University City District to Support Expansion of the West Philadelphia Skills Initiative

The West Philadelphia Skills Initiative (WPSI) | training

On Wednesday, December 4th, JP Morgan announced details of a $1.5 million grant to UCD to support the West Philadelphia Skills Initiative, in collaboration with Temple University and the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC), as we partner to build a place-based network of employer-driven workforce programs in West, North, and South Philadelphia. Representatives from JP Morgan announced the funds to UCD staff and partners from Temple and PIDC this morning during the opening of a new branch of Chase Bank at 2815 Grays Ferry Avenue.

The partners represent communities experiencing significant economic growth – at West and North Philadelphia’s anchor institutions, and at the Navy Yard in South Philadelphia. Building on the West Philadelphia Skills Initiative model, we will engage local employers to understand their hiring needs, and then work to build talent pipelines in adjacent communities to advance workers into career trajectory jobs while addressing staffing challenges for businesses.

JP Morgan’s gift is a major investment in our work, and we are deeply grateful to them for their support. These funds will allow us to continue our mission of connecting people to life-changing career opportunities on a much broader scale.