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WPSI is About Solutions

Results and Impact

At the Skills Initiative, we make decisions backed by data and fueled by the ethos that every opportunity to do something is an opportunity to do it better. This commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in improved outcomes for all stakeholders–community members, employer partners, and job seekers.
  • 117 Philadelphians served in 2020 (This number is lower than average due to the COVID-19 quarantine. In 2019 WPSI served 159 Philadelphians).
  • 95% of graduates connected to employment
  • $15.49 average hourly starting wage post-program
  • 37 average weeks unemployed prior to WPSI
  • 1,205 total participants since 2011
  • 83% graduates retaining employment for 12+ months
  • 25% average wage increase post-program
  • $47.64 million total wages earned by graduates since 2011