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WPSI is About Solutions

Our Values

  • Equity & Inclusion: Equity is the common driver for our work as we push for uniform access to information, resources, and opportunity. We endeavor to create a culture of belonging where all lived experiences are welcome, and every voice has value.
  • Tenacity: Although we may not be able to solve every problem, there is no situation that cannot be improved through our team’s focused attention and commitment. We will keep trying.
  • Growth: We welcome the discomfort that comes with personal and programmatic growth, consistently inviting evaluation, research, and new perspectives. The program itself is a living thing, which can only evolve and improve if it is truly pushed.
  • Consistency: We believe that every commitment, whether it’s made to a participant, employer, or colleague, is equally important. Upheld commitments are the foundation from which trust can be built, and without trust, our work cannot reach its potential.
  • Person-Centered: Relationships are central to this work. We operate inside of large systems, but always search for the humanity within. Strong, authentic relationships allow us to build responsive and individualized pathways, which ultimately create true partnership and collaboration.
  • Curiosity: We expect and celebrate questions. We will always seek the “why” behind any policy, process, response, or outcome in the hope that there is more to learn.