WPSI-CHOP Partnership Grows

WPSI, CHOP Partnership Grows

WPSI continues to strengthen its relationship with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Building on the success of our first CHOP program that resulted in immediate job offers for nearly 70% of participants, WPSI has launched a second Connect to Success that will prepare individuals for success as Patient Sitters at CHOP. CHOP also partnered with WPSI this past summer to provide internships for six high school students through our Summer Jobs Program. For six weeks, WPSI interns worked in departments across the hospital, both contributing to CHOP’s excellence in patient care and exploring their own career options. Strategic vision is the key to on-going success. Kim Delaney, manager of CHOP’s Nursing and Respiratory Care Career Center, recently joined WPSI’s Advisory Board as a founding member providing critical leadership and insight that will help shape WPSI’s future. Through partnerships like these, WPSI continues creating valuable opportunities for West Philadelphians.